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Nuance is the software developer of Dragon Naturally Speaking and has several versions available right now. These include a Home Edition, a Premium Edition, and a Student edition. There are also versions available in Canada and the UK (click on any Amazon link below to be redirected to your country).

Here’s a quick preview the two main software, and how they differ so you can make an easy decision. I’ve also given them a star rating based on my research:

Dragon Naturally Speaking Home Review

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dragon naturally speaking 11 home


The only reason Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 Home gets a 4 star rating is simply because it’s not the best of the best. For that you’ll need to buy the Premium version. But it still has the basics – You can “dictate documents, send email and instant messages, search and surf the Web, and more — using just your voice.” And the newest feature is that the Dragon Sidebar puts important voice commands and tips in one desktop location for at-a-glance convenience.

The accuracy when speaking directly into the microphone to the computer is about 97%. It loses a lot if you want to speak into a voice recorder and then have it transcribe from there.You will need to get the Premium edition (below) if you want to use it this way.

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Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 11 Review

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Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 11

Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium boasts a 97% accuracy rate! I have read several reviews that have confirmed this and have also had very good accuracy when using it for myself.


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 Amazon Review (paraphrased)
(speech to text software)

If you are trying to decide between the Home and Premium versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11, here is what Premium DNS 11 does that Home DNS 11 will not let you do:

  • import or export custom word lists
  • use voice commands (English) for Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • playback speech in documents
  • save settings for more than one type of audio input device
  • allow transcription from certain supported digital recorders
  • support a certain Bluetooth device for dictation

If you’re new to DNS, you may find that one or more Premium features are very useful to your optimal use of the program. Most importantly for me (click here to read more. . .)


Read our full users review here: Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 11 Review.

You might think this all of this is great news, but how does it actually do things like punctuation and special functions? For that you may have to memorize a few basic commands and use a few of the controllers of the mouse.

For example, if you want to send an email, you will need to say “send email to “name on contact list.”

What’s great is that you can even start your word processing program by saying “Start Microsoft Word.”

Or how about finding a web site you’re interested in. Just say “find a website about “subject.”

You can even set up a Tweet with a special command (you will need the Premium version for this). It’s much more advanced than it used to be, and more powerful, with more functions and capabilities.

For basic article writing, you just say what you want to type, and then speak commands like “period,” “comma,” start new paragraph,” etc. I found it really easy to use after going through the five minute tutorial that helps with speech recognition for your specific profile. And, because no two people speak alike, you can set up different profiles for each user.


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